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All lessons available for beginner to advance

Location will be southeast of UTD
(Dallas TX 75248)


Private lesson
(Online/Face to face)

$65 /90 minutes Lesson 

(Materials includes IF face to face lesson)

I design each lesson I offer according to my students’ abilities, and make the necessary changes once I become more familiar with their needs. If you want to learn more about this unique One-on-One Lessons, click to check our avairability below.

Small group Lessons
(Online/Face to face)

$90 for 90 minutes Lesson 

Up to 3 persons 

(Materials includes if in person lesson)

No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking this 90 minute Lesson. Each class includes practical and theoretical instruction, along with plenty of time to put your new knowledge into practice. Click to check our availability below.

Weekly lesson
(Online /Face to face)


Once a week of your locked date lesson

60 minutes lesson weekly with other students.

Maximam class size will be 3 students.

Click a botton below to check our avairability.

Calligraphy lesson: Lessons
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